These referendums are like buses…

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This is my view on, what now seems to be, an inevitable referendum on Scottish independence. I don’t claim it to be any more relevant that anyone else’s, specifically:

Ideally I’d prefer to live in a democratic UK, which is in a democratic EU.

Unfortunately I live in a UK where we have a majority Government pursuing a horrible agenda elected by 25% of the electorate, on 36% of the vote. I consider this to be profoundly anti-democratic.

The vote for Brexit was split 50-50 (well 48.1% – 51.9%). To claim that this is a mandate for anything is, at best, questionable, to claim it as a mandate for what is being perused is heart breaking. I consider this to be profoundly anti-democratic too.

In Brexit, I would personally prefer if the UK government would seek a less anti-democratic approach, which took into account the split nature of views, and the profoundly different voting patterns of other Countries and areas of the UK (Northern Ireland, London, Scotland…)

In the absence of this I reluctantly support a referendum on Scottish independence as an alternative democratic mechanism and process.

This is how Wings Over Scotland put it:

Scotland voted to stay in the UK in 2014, and it also voted to stay in the EU in 2016. It cannot have both of those things. They are, unavoidably, mutually exclusive.

That conflict has to be resolved, and the only remotely credible way to do it is to have another referendum in which those two options are presented clearly and honestly and the electorate choose which one they prefer.


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